John Suchet Interview

John Suchet will helm Classic FM’s mid-morning show from January 4. Speaking to Classic FM's Anne-Marie Minhall, John revealed that he didn't have a moment's hesitation about taking on one of the biggest jobs in radio.

"My dad forced me to learn the piano, forced me to learn the violin, and I reluctantly gave in and became fascinated by it, and now I am so grateful to him for saying you WILL learn the piano."
Apart from being a news junkie, John has a huge passion for Beethoven.

"My approach to Beethoven and indeed all classical music is not ‘Why is this in C Sharp?’ or ‘Why is it in E-Flat?’, but ‘Was he drunk when he wrote it? Was he in love?’. That's my approach to classical music, and I think that's Classic FM's approach too."
Many radio presenters order a good cup of strong coffee in the morning. Does John Suchet have any special requests?
"I love bananas.  If you can fill the studio with bananas, it's the only thing I can eat without needing a shower afterwards.  I can peel them and eat them without getting in a mess and can continue broadcasting!"

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