What connects classical music and sport?

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Classical Music, Sunday 7 June 2015, 9pm.

Classical music and sport are not so far removed from each other as you might think. 

Handel's Zadok the Priest is used as the theme to TV coverage of the Champions League and Sunderland FC always come on the pitch to Prokofiev's The Montagues and Capulets

Hear these two Classic FM favourites tonight along with a song from those soccer loving Three Tenors, and Mozart's A Musical Joke, often heard as the theme for the Horse of the Year show. And who can forget Ravel's Bolero being put to use in the most memorable ice dancing finals in Olympic history.
But then there's Shostakovich's little-heard evocation of a football match in Russian River, and just wait till you hear the The Rules of Cricket sung as a psalm chant!