On The Classic FM Interview This Week...

Between 9pm and 10pm each Sunday, Classic FM's flagship interview show presented by Nick Ferrari lets you get closer to the stars! Throughout the hour you'll get to hear from all sorts of famous names as Nick asks the questions you'd love to know the answers to!

Nick Ferrari returns to Classic FM with a new series of our flagship interview programme. Over the coming weeks, Nick will be speaking to all sorts of famous names from the worlds of entertainment, the arts and classical music.

Sunday, 20 January:

In the last in the current series of the Classic FM Interview, Nick chats to comedian and impressionist Rory Bremner, who reflects on life after Bremner, Bird and Fortune.  Just why did that comedy trio come to an end?  He also chats about how having ADHD has shaped his life and career, and he chooses music from operas close to his heart.  Plus – which piece of music reminds Rory Bremner of John Prescott?  Find out this Sunday night at 9!