Classic FM Conversation: Alan Titchmarsh asks, have we all forgotten about our roses?

This week in his gardening tip, Alan Titchmarsh wants to remind you that it's the time to start thinking about your roses - no matter for far away the summer bloom may seem!

This week Alan says:

"If you haven't pruned your roses it's time that you did. Hybrid Teas and Floribundas can be cut back to about knee height, preferably to an outward facing bud, so that the centre of the bush stays open. Do make sure that you cut out any dead wood that's not going to grow and might well spread disease back into the bush. For shrub roses, you only really need to cut off anything that's dead, faded or diseased. Any mildewy stems, just snip them out. Other than that, get ready for the growing season by giving them a really good feed – a good sprinkling of rose fertiliser around the base of the bush, hoed in now, will make sure that you get lots and lots of summer flowers."

It's a cold, wet and miserable spring! Are you finding it difficult to get outside and tend to your summer flowers? Are your roses a bit neglected? Or do you like wrapping up warm to getting outside in the elements? Tell us in the comments section below.