Classic FM Conversation: Alan Titchmarsh's gardening tips - daffodils

Our Saturday morning presenter and gardening expert, Alan Titchmarsh shares his weekly gardening tip. This week he's talking daffodils.

Spring's just around the corner and this week Alan says:

"Did you forget to plant daffodil bulbs in autumn? Well, you can buy them now, in full flower, growing in pots. I particularly like the Dwarf Narcissi. The best of all is called Tete-a-tete - and you'll find little pots of it relatively inexpensive. Take them home and plant them. Buy them in bud and they'll be in bloom within a week or two. By planting them now you'll have almost instant colour, and it's only going to take you half an hour!"

How are your spring bulbs doing? Any other tips or thoughts for fellow lovers of gardening? Maybe share your favourite music to accompany a spring garden in full bloom? Tell us in the comments below...