Genesis legend Steve Hackett at the 2013 Gramophone Awards

Guitarist talks about his passion for classical music and the re-release of his classical albums.

Steve Hackett - the former guitarist for the progressive rock band Genesis - has been talking about his love of classical music and the re-issue of some of his classically inspired albums.

Hackett was a member of Genesis for seven years from 1970-1977 before pursuing a solo career which has encompassed many styles including classical and world music.

He's now become the first signing of a new record label, Edifying Records, which will release his 1983 Bay of Kings after many years out of print. It will be followed by re-issues of his albums Momentum, Sketches of Satie, and Metamorpheus.

Classic FM's Jamie Crick caught up with Steve Hackett backstage at the 2013 Gramophone Awards and asked him about his musical influences.