Jan Lisiecki - A View From All Angles

Signed to Deutsche Grammophon, decorated 17-year-old concert pianist Jan Lisiecki is something of a singular talent, whose renditions of Mozart and Chopin have earned the Canada-born wunderkind legions of fans and armfuls of awards throughout the world. Here, filmed literally from every angle, dive even deeper into the heart of this extraordinary performance comprised of selections from Chopin's groundbreaking Études.

Mon 29 Jul

How is your Bristol Proms concert different to any normal concert?
I am very excited based on the various interesting concepts we have been exploring, and I am looking forward to doing something different than a "typical" concert!
Tickets for these concerts are available for as little as £5 to make them as accessible as possible - is elitism a problem for classical music?
I am very happy that these concerts are accessible to a wider range of people. I wouldn't say that elitism is a problem in classical music - tickets for pop music concerts are also very expensive - but it is always wonderful to be able to offer music, in any form, to more people.
Will you be sticking around for any other concerts during the week? Who are you looking forward to seeing?
Unfortunately, my summer schedule is such that I will be flying in-and-out of Bristol. I hope that perhaps there will be another chance to experience more of the Bristol Proms in the future!

What's been the strangest concert you've ever performed?
At one extreme, a concert for 10 people on a piano from 1840 which couldn't be tuned (and under which I couldn't fit my knees!). At the other extreme, a performance in Ottawa for Canada Day in front of the Queen and a 100 thousand spectators outside!

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