Jessica Curry’s five top video game scores

21 March 2017, 10:04 | Updated: 22 August 2017, 12:47

Jessica Curry is a video game music composer, whose scores include Dear Esther and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. She’s also the newest addition to the Classic FM presenter family, so we asked her to pick her five favourite games scores.

Jessica Curry is the presenter of our new show High Score. Don't forget to tune in to the first programme, on 22 April at 9pm. And here's a taste of the sort of music she'll be playing… 

Abzu – Austin Wintory

“He’s a composer who’s always pushing for the games music industry to be a better place, he’s really hungry for new sounds.”

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Mass Effect 3 - Clint Mansell, Cris Velasco, Sascha Dikiciyan, Christopher Lennertz, Sam Hulick


“You have this amazing, huge, epic story but the score focusses down onto the characters.”

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Uncharted – Greg Edmonson

“Uncharted is adventure, it’s epic, it’s everything that games do really well. And the music is a beautiful, rollicking theme.”

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The Last of Us – Gustavo Santaolalla

“It’s so sparse, spare and haunting. Gustavo Santaolalla is a film composer and brought something really special to The Last of Us score.”

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The Last Guardian – Takeshi Furukawa

“Takeshi Furukawa said he wanted not to focus on the characters in the game but on the cinematic grandeur of the locale – and I love that.”

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