There's now a cocktail inspired by Debussy's Clair de Lune - and it's rather tasty

21 April 2016, 00:41 | Updated: 22 November 2016, 15:09

More Music Breakfast's Tim Lihoreau concocted this delight behind the bar of a delightful cocktail establishment in central London. It's thoroughly recommended.

As listeners to More Music Breakfast might have heard, the show’s host, the ever-cheery-even-though-it’s-first-thing-in-the-morning Tim Lihoreau set himself 50 challenges for his 50th birthday.

One of these challenges - suggested by another member of the Classic FM family, Lucy Coward - was to make his own, custom cocktail. Tim was therefore in need of an appropriately stylish place furnished with the finest tonics, and good folk of Sophie's Steakhouse and Bar in London’s historic Covent Garden offered their help.

Earlier this week we made the journey of a few hundred yards from Classic FM Towers to this fine establishment to tick off another challenge.

First up, Tim was shown the ropes by the bar’s chief mixologist, Roman. One classic Martini coming up…

Next up, it was time for Tim to make his very own cocktail. Tim looked for some inspiration from French piano music and with Roman’s expert help, we’d soon be drinking Debussy’s famous movement from Suite bergamasque. Let’s see how they got on… 

Well, after extensive sampling, we were able to conclude that Clair de Lune was a beautiful cocktail. Well and truly befitting of the composer's pianistic masterpiece.

So next time you fancy a swanky tipple in Covent Garden, head to Sophie’s, seek out that stylishly dressed gent Roman, and ask for a Clair de Lune. And if you end up knocking back one too many (and we were very tempted to do so), do so in the knowledge that there’s always some good, soothing music in More Music Breakfast to get you through the following morning.