Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Classical Music - Sunday 14 June 2015, 9pm

Tonight, Catherine Bott asks 'Which composers would you most - or least - like to go to the pub with?'

Now that summer is here, Catherine Bott is tempted by the idea of having a nice evening drink, which has led her to contemplate which of the great composers would have made good company in the pub?

So tonight she's imagining taking herself off to The Red Hedgehog, a real inn situated in downtown Vienna where Schumann and Brahms were regulars, and so was Schubert. 

Brahms ate lunch with friends there every day. His staple dish was goulash, accompanied by a fine Tokay wine. The staff kept a barrel of it in the cellar just for him.

Schubert's favourite watering holes were The Anchor, the Red Cross, and Bogner’s, where he and the owners became good friends. 

Meanwhile Franz Liszt's friends were worried that drinking made him depressed, although they were also astonished at the sheer amount of alcohol he could put away with no ill effects on his command of the piano. 

Find out more about these, and other red-nosed composers, on tonight's show.