Thomas Newman and Randy Newman - in conversation

Saturday Night at the Movies, Saturday 14 February 2015, 5pm.

Tommy Pearson's special series of interviews with the masters of movie music continues this week with two multi-award-winning composers who just happen to be cousins.

Thomas Newman and Randy Newman hail from a dynasty of film composers. The influence of Alfred Newman - legendary head of music at 20th Century Fox and composer of its famous fanfare - has continued through his sons Thomas and David, and nephew Randy, all enjoying successful careers as movie composers and making their mark on modern-day Hollywood. 

Tommy chats to Thomas and Randy about their varied careers.  We’ll hear about Thomas’s long-standing working relationship with the director Sam Mendes – which includes American Beauty, The Road to Perdition and Skyfall – and Randy’s love of scoring animated films such as the hugely successful Toy Story series.

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