Joanna Lumley on the Culture Club

The actress Joanna Lumley joins Charlotte Green on the Culture Club this week to talk about Silver Sunday, an annual day of activities for older people across the UK.

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Led by The Sir Simon Milton Foundation, Silver Sunday celebrates the value and knowledge that older people contribute to our communities while combating loneliness and isolation. Everyone can get involved, whether that’s organising an event, spreading the word, or simply attending an activity.  

"This is a special day for older people to get involved in community events and activities to bring back some of the traditional community spirit," Joanna says. "It’s also a small thank you for your contribution to society."

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This year Silver Sunday takes place on 5 October and Joanna explains why she's supporting this event as well as telling Charlotte how she manages to campaign so successfully for a wide range of causes.

The actress will also be sharing her classical music passions and talking about a subject that’s close to her heart: acting opportunities for older women. 

Charlotte Green's Culture Club with Joanna Lumley