General Website FAQs



Why has the Classic FM website been re-launched?


Taking on board our listeners’ comments and following much research it was clear there were some key areas in which the Classic FM website could be improved. We have put all the results of this research into a brand new design that we hope will prove much more user-friendly. It will seem very different at first but we believe we’ve achieved a great improvement.

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How can I listen to Classic FM online?

You can listen live on our site by clicking the 'Listen Live' button on the top of every page, or simply

Click here to listen to Classic FM

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How can I advertise on


For more information on commercial opportunities, please look at our Advertise with Us section

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Want to comment on the website?


Due to the high volume of emails we receive, it's not always possible to reply to all the emails, but nonetheless we are always happy to hear from our listeners and you can let us know what you think about the website by filling this form.

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I've found a broken link who will fix it?


Please contact us using this form if a link is not working and we will try and correct it for you.

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Why is the online playlist not working?


If the time slot selected was during a request show, the playlist may not display until after the show has finished, as we are playing music chosen by you. Alternatively in some programmes, if the piece is more than one hour long it will display in the hour in which the piece started, therefore the subsequent hour will appear blank.

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Still having problems?

If you have not been able to resolve your log in or registration issue via the FAQs, you can contact us. We are not always able to respond in person to all enquiries but your message will be forwarded to the most appropriate person. 

Classic FM FAQs