STAR is an urban duo, formed by brother and sister, Reuben and Selena. They are from Redditch, a small town just outside Birmingham and will be performing a special collaboration at the Schools Prom.

STAR have been working together as a duo since 2009 when they formed STAR in a local competition, Talent In The Town, which they later went on to win, giving them the chance to perform to 15,000 people in an open air concert.

Since then they have performed across the UK both as a duo and as solo artists. They are currently both studying a Freelance Music Apprenticeship at Access To Music in Birmingham.

At the Schools Prom STAR will play Fire, an original song, in collaboration with Penzance Youth String Orchestra. The idea to fuse the exciting sound of STAR with Penzance Youth String Orchestra came about after two fantastic performances at Music for Youth's Regional and National Festivals earlier in the year and they have been working with musician John Evans on the collaboration.

Age range of performers: 17-19

Fire - STAR