Marshfield Taiko

Marshfield Primary School is a school of 410 pupils between the cities of Newport and Cardiff whose curriculum proudly acknowledges and promotes the creative arts. The taiko students began their journey in September 2011 under the tutelage of David Powell - we spoke to them ahead of their Royal Albert Hall debut.

Taiko tuition commenced with a trial project as a whole class activity in three Newport schools in September 2010. Within two years the discipline has grown from delivery by one tutor, David Powell, to five in over twenty schools. 

The groups growth in sensory awareness, concentration and co-operation is demonstrated in the excellence of their rhythmic and visual impact. For Marshfield Primary Taiko to be invited to perform at the School Prom is an amazing experience. All 56 children are taught together as one whole year group which has made the journey so unique, not to mention noisy!

After an initial ‘call to arms’ the Marshfield Taiko players burst energetically into their first piece tonight. Hina Daiko (Sunshine Drumming) is traditionally played in spring to the cherry trees as the sun rises, in the hope it will encourage them to blossom. Playing this piece as winter approaches is just one of the surprises in their programme tonight.

Following an atmospheric setting, the performers launch into a fast and furious storm with Fujin and Rajin (Wind and Thunder). Five ostinato drummers propel the momentum through the carefully staged, symbolic whirlwind in the middle section of the piece to an exciting finale.

Director: David Powell

Age range of performers: Age 8-10

Hina Daiko Mugenkyo
Fujin & Rajin Mugenkyo