Mammoth Sound

Mammoth Sound are a London based band, who write and perform their own material.

Mammoth Sound are a London based band, supported by CM, one of London's leading youth music organisations. The band started back in 2009 as a three piece, playing covers before beginning to write their own music more frequently. They have gradually grown into six piece band and are mostly East London based.

Since 2009 the band has played at venues such as the Jazz Cafe, O2 Indigo and Royal Festival Hall in London as well as performing at the Underage Festival in London's Victoria Park. They have also been regulars on CM's Music Space Project for the past four years. The band may be from East London, but have many different influences and backgrounds, and they write their lyrics in many different languages! 

The band are performing at the Schools Prom on Tuesday 13 November and will perform two self penned numbers.

Age range of performers: 16 - 19 years

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