Flats and Sharps

Flats and Sharps may be one of the newest names on the British bluegrass and folk scene, but have already made a name for themselves busking in Penzance, Cornwall.

Gigs swiftly followed and they attended an all-week bluegrass pickin' camp, receiving a standing ovation in the student concert. Eighteen months on and with over 150 gigs under their belt, they have supported many bands including The Fisherman's Friends and The Beat. They also opened Ralph Lauren's first European store in Covent Garden, London. All in all, they play bluegrass for the love of it!

Two of the three songs that Flats and Sharps are playing tonight are originals and reflect the band’s energy and musical skill. The band will take you on a rollercoaster ride with their first and last pieces, Riding that Midnight Train and Girl, which are very upbeat in the typical bluegrass style, showing their precision to timing, tightness and cleanliness throughout the individual instrument solos. By contrast, their second song, Darkest Shade

Age range of performers:  15-18

Riding that Midnight Train - The Stanley Brothers
Darkest Shade of Light  - Kirk Bowman
Girl -  Kirk Bowman

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