St. Cecilia’s Singers and the Coloma Junior Chamber Choir at Schools Prom 2014

10 November 2014, 15:39 | Updated: 15 December 2016, 11:50

The Coloma Convent Girls’ School is an outstanding comprehensive school in Croydon, well known for its choral tradition.

"Right from Year 7 you're encouraged to participate in so much music," pupil Amelia tells Classic FM's Tim Lihoreau, "and it really is so much fun... you just want to carry on throughout the school."

The school's St Cecilia’s Singers (Years 11-13) and the Junior Chamber Choir (Years 8-9) are always willing to try new ideas and are very moved by beautiful choral sounds, especially unusual ones.

They find the music they sing completely uplifting despite the challenges they face when commencing a difficult piece. 

Their Music Director Hilary Meyer puts it down to "a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of yelling… and lots of jokes… and a lot of making a noise and not being afraid to make a noise even if sometimes it's quite unusual."


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