Beginners and non-singers

Even if you've never sung a note, you can still get involved with 123sing!

• Host a singing party with your friends and family at home: print out lyrics to your favourite songs and have lots of fun trying them out together

• Download the 123sing! song from the website, learn it and tune in to Classic FM at 1pm on 1, 2, and 3 October to sing along with thousands of other people all around the UK

• Hold a sing-a-long at your local pub or social club

• Hold a sing-a-long with your favourite musical film (e.g. Mamma Mia, The Sound of Music, Annie, Oliver, Grease etc )

• Host a 123sing! karaoke night at home for your friends and family, or in a local venue for your neighbours too

• Visit the 123sing! website and find out what is happening in your local area and join in: there will be events for beginners and those who have never sung before in your region

• Put on a special 123sing! concert with a local singing group in your community

• Find a local singing group through one of the partner organisations so you can start singing by 1, 2, 3 October, and perhaps encourage them to hold a 123sing! event


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