Six essential fragrances for every musician

5 August 2019, 17:03

By Kyle Macdonald

Play your best, and smell your best.

Being a musician in the modern world is difficult: practice has never been harder (well, it certainly seems that way), nor procrastination easier (memes etc).

Fortunately, we’ve found six complex and alluring perfumes so you can smell your best, whatever the musical occasion.

  1. Perfume – Concert
    Perfume – Concert. Picture: Getty
  2. Perfume – Virtuoso
    Perfume – Virtuoso. Picture: Getty
  3. Perfume – Orchestra
    Perfume – Orchestra. Picture: Getty
  4. Perfume – Travelling musician
    Perfume – Travelling musician. Picture: Getty
  5. Perfume – Practice
    Perfume – Practice. Picture: Getty
  6. Perfume – Choir
    Perfume – Choir. Picture: Getty