Hanz Zimmer - Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End

Another hearty score for Hans Zimmer, but one that takes its cues from the other Pirates of the Caribbean movies too.

There's a Wagnerian dynamic to the third instalment in the popular Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, in that one of the boats is called The Flying Dutchman. So, does Hans Zimmer use that to foist German romanticism upon the audience? Of course not - he just does that inimitable Hans Zimmer thing of eking melodies out of absolutely everything, from themes incorporating Asian instrumentation to synthesiser lines and a mouth harp to accompany Johnny Depp.

As the swashbuckling continues, so does Zimmer's deftness with intertwining themes - he frequently uses thematic ideas from the other films in the series to give the whole thing a sprawling feel, perfect for the film itself. As long as the Pirates juggernaut continues to roll on with Zimmer in tow (there's a fifth instalment planned for release in 2015 - get your three-cornered hats ready), the soundtracks will always be worth listening to.