Hans Zimmer’s ‘Dune’ score: what does it sound like, and why are there three soundtracks?

18 October 2021, 08:38

Watch the IMAX trailer for Dune with heavy Hans Zimmer soundtrack

By Sian Moore

Denis Villeneuve’s highly-anticipated ‘Dune’ isn’t just getting one soundtrack, but three entire albums from movie music maestro Hans Zimmer.

The latest adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel Dune is finally set to be released in October, after several pandemic-induced setbacks.

And we’ve finally had a glimpse of the music to Denis Villeneuve’s blockbuster, composed by movie music great, Hans Zimmer.

From what we’ve heard to far, the score to the space opera – starring Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson and others – is an otherworldly, Saharan-esque soundtrack, with stirring vocals and electrifying strings.

WaterTower Music has only shared two tracks from the film’s official score, but the full Dune Sketchbook Soundtrack album is available to listen to now.

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Watch the latest featurette for Dune

Why does Dune have three soundtracks?

Unlike most films, Dune will be accompanied by three separate soundtracks, instead of one.

Along with the official score, albums The Dune Sketchbook (Music from the Soundtrack) and The Art and Soul of Dune, will also be released. All of the soundtracks have been composed and curated by Zimmer.

The Dune Sketchbook is already available to listen to, and offers an extended musical deep-dive into works from the film’s score.

Zimmer’s final collection of Dune compositions, The Art and Soul of Dune, is set to be released in late October. The album accompanies Tanya Lapointe’s book of the same name and has been composed as a musical guide for listeners, as they read the behind-the-scenes insight into the film.

Dune Official Soundtrack | Paul's Dream – Hans Zimmer | WaterTower

What tracks from the official Dune soundtrack have been released so far?

We’ve only had a taster of two tracks from the film’s official soundtrack, but it’s enough to get us excited for the magnificent score in its entirety.

Listen to ‘Paul’s Dream’, a seven-minute long piece that begins with whisperings and soft vocals, before building to a spine-tingling, imposing climax.

‘Ripples in the Sand’, the second track shared by WaterTower Music, has a pacy, foreboding start.

But those distinct vocals are soon reintroduced, a theme we suspect will underpin the music throughout the sci-fi adventure.

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Why does Dune have three soundtracks?
Why does Dune have three soundtracks? Picture: Legendary Pictures

When is Dune set to be released?

After multiple setbacks, Dune will finally hit the big screen on 21 October 2021.

How can I listen to the Dune soundtrack?

All of the film music released so far is available on WaterTower Music’s YouTube Channel.

You can listen to the full The Dune Sketchbook album on streaming platforms. It is also available to buy.

Dune is set to be released in cinemas on 21 October 2021.