The Eric Whitacre Singers are back - and here's why it's choral music's best night out

2 March 2015, 13:34 | Updated: 2 March 2015, 14:36

Choral geeks are once again about to descend on London's Union Chapel. Brace yourselves for epic singing, cluster chords and the sight of their conductor's beautifully conditioned locks.

It's a hand-picked choir of the world's finest singers

If someone created a choir of the world's best choral singers, literally everyone in the choir would be an Eric Whitacre singer (well maybe not literally, but you get the idea). These guys are seriously good.

Eric Whitacre

They sing the most epic choral music

Whether it's Eric's own tunes, great choral music from the past, or unexpected re-workings of completely different genres, you'll always find lines are caressed, top As are belted out, and amazing atmosphere is created. Here's something from the Classic Brits a few years ago to get you in the mood.

Their conductor commands the elements

Cadence, thunderclap, power-cut, darkness. Now that's a finale... 

They're helping us understand music, emotion, and the body

The RCM Centre for Performance Science will be there with a truck-load of swabs and hi-tech equipment. It's all to study the effect choral music has on the health and wellbeing of singers and audience members. We'll bring you the results...

They're doing Jeff Beal 

Every time you impatiently sit through the opening credits of House of Cards, you're listening to him. Beal's music melds jazz, classical and all sorts of other things – so his choral writing will be well worth catching.

If the choral music world were school, these singers would be too cool for it

Whenever they sing there's social media buzz, queues go around the block, and there's lots of general excitement. Make sure you get in there and grab some tickets quick.


Quite the line to get in #reimagine

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They really do classical concerts for the 21st century 

There will be Instagraming, skinny jeans, whooping (in the right places), and then of course the best contemporary choral music. Here's a little something from last year to get you in the right frame of mind.


@ericwhitacre arrives. #reimagine

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