Eric Whitacre conducts 'Lux Nova': exclusive video

20 March 2015, 00:00 | Updated: 9 April 2015, 15:23

Watch our exclusive video of Eric Whitacre conducting his gorgeously sumptuous 'Lux Nova' with the Eric Whitacre Singers.

One of Eric Whitacre's best known works is his Lux Aurumque – a gorgeous a cappella vocal work full of crunchy harmonies and lush melodies. Now, he's re-arranged the piece, added some harmonies which are best described as deliciously smooshy and given it a new title – Lux Nova.

Here's an exclusive video of Whitacre conducting the work with his elite group, the Eric Whitacre Singers:

This video is no longer available. But why not explore more of our content about Eric Whitacre?

The video was recorded at the iTunes Festival in September last year and the track is the opening piece on Whitacre's new album, out on 23 March and available to pre-order now on iTunes.

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The new arrangement has come out of Whitacre's work on his musical Paradise Lost, for which he arranged Lux Aurumque for winds.

He says: "Now the circle is complete: I’ve taken the wind symphony version and reimagined it as a choral octavo, Lux Nova. I love both versions and can’t decide which should be out in the world, so with deep humility and gratitude I offer them both.