The wonder of Whitacre

Whitacre’s captivating choral music is perfectly matched with wonderful performances from some of Britain's best ensembles

Composer: Whitacre
Repertoire: Choral works 
Artists: The Eric Whitacre Singers, Laudibus, The King’s Singers, Pavao Quartet/Eric Whitacre
Rating: 5/5 
Genre: Vocal
Label: Decca 274 3209

The Music American Eric Whitacre is a thoroughly 21st-century composer. ‘Lux Aurumque’ was first performed by a virtual choir, individually auditioned and recorded over the internet. His optimistic-sounding music has a fluid, ambient, otherworldly quality, created by luxurious chords of suspended harmonies and frequent changes of meter. 

The Performance In a word, faultless. Whether it’s the Eric Whitacre Singers, the ex-National Youth Choir of Great Britain singers of Laudibus, or The King’s Singers, it’s all spot on: tuning, vocal blend, articulation of text, or shaping and colouring of phrases. Whitacre’s texts have a youthful appeal, from Leonardo DaVinci dreaming, to a young couple kissing in the sun. The singers’ vibrant performances complement this, not just in their silvery vocal timbre, but in the sense that they truly believe in what they’re singing. 

The Verdict Behold, some of the UK’s most gifted ensembles perfectly matched in vocal style to Whitacre’s captivating music. Go forth and purchase.