The Full Works Concert - Monday 25 August, 8pm

Jane Jones celebrates some great movie soundtracks following the announcement of the top three in the 2014 Movie Music Hall of Fame.

Following this evening's announcement of the top three in the 2014 Movie Music Hall of Fame, Jane Jones presents a film score-themed Full Works Concert. 

Among the highlights, Jane will be giving you the rare chance to hear Howard Shore's dramatic Lord of the Rings Symphony played in its entirety.

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It took the composer four years to write this monumental six movement work, adapting the original film scores and creating a series of tone poems in the tradition of the programmatic orchestral works of Strauss, Liszt, Smetana and Sibelius.

The work’s vast scope calls for symphony orchestra, mixed chorus, boys chorus and instrumental and vocal soloists. Listen out for the baffling Middle Earth languages of Quenya, Sindarin, Khuzdûl, Adûnaic and Black Speech.