Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Classical Music - Sunday 11 January 2015, 9pm

Catherine Bott marks what would have been Elvis's 80th birthday with a look at classical artists who inspired similar adoration.

The fact that legendary rock'n'roll star Elvis Presley was born 80 years ago on 8 January 1935 has got Catherine Bott wondering, "Have any classical musicians achieved rock star status?" Listen to the show here:

Catherine’s investigations take her to early 19th century Italy where the fame of the renowned violinist Paganini was only matched by his reputation as a gambler and womaniser. David Garrett, himself no stranger to adoring fans, plays Paganini tonight.

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Franz Liszt went on gruelling, piano recital tours across Europe where he had to fend off countless women who threw themselves at him. In addition to music by Liszt and the equally magnetic George Gershwin, Catherine shines her spotlight on a few more recent superstar classical artists, including Nigel Kennedy and Lang Lang.