Whitacre’s Virtual Choir 2.0 premiered

Eric Whitacre’s brand new Virtual Choir 2.0 was unveiled last night in New York, with a live simultaneous webcast worldwide.

2052 singers across 58 countries submitted individual videos of Sleep, composed and virtually conducted by Whitacre. He then worked with Rehab Studio and Floating Earth to combine the audio and video choral parts to create the final performance.

Contributors to the Virtual Choir 2.0 emanate from countries as far and wide as Madagasgar, Alaska, Venezuela, Kazakhstan and China. There are also 277 UK entrants, including nine-year-old Georgie, who inspired many others to take part.

Several particiants in the Virtual Choir 2.0 have described the experience as life-changing and healing. The project has also benefitted those with disabilities or stagefright, who might find it difficult to be members of a choir ordinarily.

Virtual Choir 2.0 aims to beat the online success of Whitacre’s original Virtual Choir, which saw 185 voices sing his work Lux Aurumque, and attracted 1 million YouTube views within two months.

Hear more about Whitacre’s latest groundbreaking project in our interview with him.

Watch the Virtual Choir 2.0's Sleep below