Things we learned from Eric Whitacre’s Reddit AMA

18 February 2015, 12:18 | Updated: 18 February 2015, 16:31

Composer Eric Whitacre – famous for writing crunchy harmonies and having the best hair in classical music – took to social network Reddit for an ‘Ask Me Anything’ web chat this week. And he pretty much owned it.

What we learned:

We are not alone in admiring Eric’s 'do.

Perhaps it even inspired his music…? 

Eric Whitacre's AMA



Eric Whitacre hair toss

He’s starting a techno-pop band


Eric Whitacre's AMA

He gives the best advice


Eric Whitacre's AMA

Your composition teachers were wrong

Take that JS Bach!

Eric Whitacre AMA

He’s not afraid to admit he learned how to conduct as he went along

And maybe copied a smidge too.

Eric Whitacre's AMA

Think this one might be all his own, though… 

He loves Altos

Yeah altos!

Eric Whitacre's AMA 

Synaesthesia has played a role in his music

His senses of sight and taste trigger sounds

Eric Whitacre's AMA

He’s a modest sort really

We think you can give Bernstein a run for his money, Eric!

Eric Whitacre's AMA

For reference– Bernstein:

Classical music hunks

There was some really helpful practical performance advice

And then there was this: 

Eric Whitacre's AMA

His guilty musical pleasure?

Is this:

When he said ‘Ask Me Anything’ he really meant it.

Good answer.

Eric Whitacre's AMA

No really.


Eric Whitacre's AMA

He has a theory about the future of classical music

And it’s pretty convincing

Eric Whitacre's AMA

How he found his own style

And became 'the cluster chord guy'…

Eric Whitacre's AMA

Eric loves a deadline

…and a spot of procrastination

Eric Whitacre's AMA

And he wasn't afraid to take on the big subjects

Like music education:

Eric Whitacre's AMA

His fans *really* love him

Like this guy, who's having a bit of a freak-out.

Eric Whitacre's AMA

And he loves them back

Which is nice

Eric Whitacre's AMA

Eric Whitacre's AMA in a nutshell: cluster chords, Britney Spears and hair-spray.

Read the whole thing here