A stunning disc of Wagner and Strauss

Soprano Deborah Voigt's voice radiates through the arias of Wagner and Strauss, accompanied by Armstrong and the Bavarian Radio SO

Composer: Wagner and Strauss
Repertoire: Deborah Voigt Obsessions (Arias)
Artists: Deborah Voigt (soprano), Bavarian Radio SO/Sir Richard Armstrong
Rating: 5/5
Genre: Opera
Label: EMI 557 6812

Voigt may have been dropped by the ROH for being the proverbial operatic ‘fat lady’ – but what a voice! A true dramatic soprano with a 24 horsepower sound, she cuts across the orchestra with ease and has a glorious, creamy tone and phenomenal range. She’s ideally suited to Strauss and Wagner and is electrifying in these scenes. The orchestra occasionally sounds a bit patchy but otherwise this is a fantastic record.