The 7 most bizarre Wagner videos ever made

27 May 2015, 12:12 | Updated: 27 May 2015, 13:15

Wagner was one of the most revolutionary classical composers who ever lived, he inspired and influenced all the composers who came after him… and he also sparked some of the weirdest videos on the internet. Here are just some of our favourites.

Trombone skiing

No one had ever thought of combining playing the trombone with downhill skiing. And then someone did and it was amazing. And he’s playing Wagner’s 'Ride of the Valkyries'.


Sydney Symphony synopsis

Sometimes, all you need to do to make a weird Wagner video, is let Wagner do the speaking… (h/t Sydney Symphony Orchestra)


What’s Opera, Doc

Perhaps the most famous re-imagining of Wagner’s Ring cycle comes courtesy of Bugs Bunny and friends.


Lego ring cycle

How to improve an epic four-part classical masterpiece? With Lego, of course.


Anna Russell

An oldy but a goody from singer and comedian Anna Russell. Among the gems is her rendition of the Rhinemaidens’ opening aria: “I won’t translate it because it doesn’t mean anything.”


In one second

Yes, you read that right. So this isn't technically a video… But it solves that "Don’t have 15 hours spare to listen to the whole Ring cycle?" problem. One brainbox has come up with this: the Ring in one second. Can you make out the 'Ride of the Valkyries' (clue: you can’t).


In seven minutes

Ok, so the Ring in one minute is silly. How about the whole thing in seven? Nice work, blogger David Ocker.


Wagner meets heavy metal

This heavy-metal group clearly decided Wagner's opera about a man cursed to travel the seas forever was missing a certain something. And they decided that something was thrash metal.


Bass trombonists love Wagner

Wagner sure knew how to write for brass – two players from the Netherlands Philharmonic were so grateful they made this video to say thank you: