Prokofiev - best film music ever written

Polyansky and the Russian State Symphony Orchestra magnify the greatness of Prokofiev's film soundtrack, Ivan the Terrible

Composer: Prokofiev
Repertoire:  Ivan the Terrible: Ballad of an Unknown boy
Artists: Russian State Symphony Orchestra/Polyansky
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Film Soundtrack
Label: Chandos 10153(2)

Prokofiev’s score for Ivan the Terrible is a brilliant film soundtrack, fusing the composer’s melodic gifts, his salty version of high-romantic orchestration, his love of grand church chants and thrilling marches. Despite the lack of Eisenstein’s visuals, this powerful recording captures much of the film’s epic grandeur, with Polyansky drawing some massive climaxes and breathtaking moments of intimacy from his forces.