Karl Jenkins on The Armed Man

It's 10 years since the premiere of Karl Jenkins’ The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace. Karl Jenkins talks to Classic FM’s Bob Jones about the work and future projects, including a piece based on a Hungarian poem.

The Armed Man has been performed almost 1000 times in the last ten years – at least twice every week, somewhere in the world. Karl Jenkins himself will conduct a special anniversary concert at the Royal Festival Hall, London, on Sunday, 31 October. There will be another special performance in Cardiff on 14 November.

Karl talks about another special performance, at the Royal British Legion's Festival of Remembrance, which will incorporate a new piece by Karl, For the Fallen, based on the famous poem by Laurence Binyon.

This week has also seen Karl Jenkins in the studio with the Philharmonia, Classic FM's Orchestra on Tour, working on a specially commissioned piece based on the music of Kazakstan.

Karl also reveals that he's starting a curious new project, based on a Hungarian poem that celebrates the resistance of Welsh rebels to the English King Edward: The Bards of Wales.

Listen to the interview with Karl now