Singer creates unreal resonance with single-breath Titanic theme in echoing stairwell

12 July 2021, 13:56 | Updated: 12 July 2021, 15:14

Singer does Titanic flute solo in one single breath from an echoing stairwell
Singer does Titanic flute solo in one single breath from an echoing stairwell. Picture: Lauren Paley / 20th Century Studios / Paramount Pictures Studios

By Sian Moore

A soaring flute solo, but sung in the chill-inducing acoustics of an empty stairwell.

Here’s the moment a soprano performed the iconic flute solo from James Horner’s stirring score to Titanic, with her voice alone... and all in one breath.

Lauren Paley, also known as the ‘Stairwell Siren’, is a musical Internet sensation whose performances all take place within an echoing stairwell.

Recently, she set herself the challenge of singing the film’s distinct main theme without pausing for a gasp of air.

The result? An impressive showcase of her vocal range and eye-watering breath control.

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Amazing moment singer sitting in a stairway performs Titanic flute solo in one breath

“I almost passed out,” Paley writes in the YouTube video’s title, adding that the stairwell was 100 degrees at the time of her performance.

The singer has amassed millions of followers across social media with her snappy online serenades, but Horner’s award-winning score seems to be a firm favourite.

In another video shot within the concrete, resonating walls of her staircase, Lauren effortlessly sings an instrumental rendition of ‘My Heart Will Go On’.

And this time, she indulges in a breath midway through.

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Singer shows off amazing vocal talents as she performs in a stairway

Bravo Lauren – your sirens are enough to send envy into the heart of any aspiring first soprano.