Plácido Domingo praises Lady Gaga's 'wonderful voice'

Pop superstar Lady Gaga has found herself an unlikely fan in the shape of opera legend Plácido Domingo.

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, the 71 year old tenor proved that while he may be getting on in years, he wasn't out of touch with the current music scene.

"I think Lady Gaga has a very good voice. Absolutely. She has a wonderful voice," Plácido told the Daily Mail. "I know she's very wild in her performance, and clever, and she does all these things to please the youth. But when you listen to her, the voice is good." High praise indeed from an original member of the Three Tenors.

Plácido went on to admit that he was also fan of several pop divas: ‘I love Celine Dion very much. And Mariah Carey. And Madonna. And Whitney Houston had a wonderful voice.’

Having spent more than 50 years as an opera singer, Plácido Domingo has been spending more time conducting operas rather than singing in them and next month he visits London to lead a lavish production of Turandot at Wembley Arena. In what is is being described as the biggest opera in the world, Domingo will be conducting the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and a cast of 800 performers from China.

Turandot with Placido Domingo is at Wembley Stadium on June 23. Tickets are on sale now at

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