David Garrett to play Niccolo Paganini in new biopic

Superstar violinist David Garrett is to make his feature film debut playing the role of Niccolo Paganini in the new film 'The Devil's Violinist'.

The film tells the story of the imagined Faustian pact Paganini made to become the world's first superstar performer. It will be written and directed by Bernard Rose who is no stranger to telling the story of classical legends having explored the life of Beethoven in his 1994 film Immortal Beloved.

David Garrett, who will not only play the role of Paganini but also perform his music throughout, is one of Europe's biggest music stars, famed for bridging the worlds of rock and classical music. Speaking to Variety, Garrett called Paganini "the first rock star -- an eccentric genius with many flaws."

"It has been a lifelong ambition to be involved in a film about my hero Niccolo Paganini," said Garrett. "He has a special place in my heart and to have the opportunity to bring him back to life on the bigscreen is an extremely exciting experience for me."

Filming of The Devil's Violinist is due to start in August.