Proof David Garrett is the ultimate classical superstar

The violin virtuoso is here at the Royal Albert Hall for Classic FM Live. Here's why we're more than a little in awe.

He's got the hair that could restring his own bow. 

And what a beautifully conditioned bow it would be. 

He's proven that he can nail the rockstar on a windy roof pose 

...with his axe too.


The guy can make an entrance

Tonight he'll be strutting though the classical music's amphitheatre, busting out Paganini.


He's got the boots to match

Try wearing these puppies with white tie and tails.


He's playing Paganini tonight and it should be good

...because he *is* Paganini (in last year's film at least)

Kicking off your gig tonight

And driving the audience crazy

 As we say, Superstar.