Hans Zimmer 'daunted' by John Williams' Superman theme

8 April 2013, 13:01

Film soundtrack composer Hans Zimmer has admitted to feeling the pressure in composing music for the new Superman film, Man Of Steel.

Hans Zimmer, composer of film music from The Dark Knight trilogy, has admitted that he feels nervous about writing music for the new Superman movie, Man Of Steel.

Talking about composing music following Williams' original iconic theme, Zimmer told CNN: "That was daunting. Seriously, He's the greatest film composer out there, without a doubt, and it happens to be one of his iconic pieces of music, so I spent three months just procrastinating and not even getting a start on the thing, because I was so intimidated: 'Oh my God, I'm following in John Williams' footsteps.'"

Zimmer went on to claim that the forthcoming film and music would tell the Superman story in a very different way to previous movie versions. Rather than using material from the original Williams soundtrack, Zimmer has reportedly attempted to compose something that reflects the different approach to the story, but doesn't immediately remind people of the Williams score.

"I kept thinking of the story as, What if you are extraordinary, and your entire ambition is to join humanity? To become human? What does it mean to become human? What does it mean to be an outsider who really wants to join the human race?"

Man Of Steel is due in UK cinemas in June 2013.