Sky's the limit in colourful Strauss songs

Christine Brewer and Roger Vignoles soar in their first volume of luxurious Strauss Lieder, capturing the spirit a full orchestra.

Composer: Strauss
Repertoire: Strauss The Complete Songs, Vol.1
Artists:Christine Brewer (soprano), Roger Vignoles (piano)
Rating: 5/5
Genre: Vocal
Label: Hyperion CDA67488

Richard Strauss’s Lieder strain against the limits of their medium, stretching singer and pianist alike, as if the composer wants them to fill an opera house rather than a recital room. But there seems to be no challenge that Christine Brewer and Roger Vignoles can’t meet in these opulent songs. Brewer’s soaring voice offers a fabulous range of colour and dynamics, and Vignoles matches her with a truly orchestral palette at the keyboard.