Footballers coordinate expertly with Johann Strauss II’s ‘Blue Danube’ waltz

11 July 2019, 12:03 | Updated: 11 July 2019, 12:26

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Goalkeepers from QPR football club present their own arrangement of a Strauss waltz. Nice 3-4 formation, guys.

Football and classical music have long enjoyed a happy and fruitful marriage – but goalies dancing to a Viennese waltz? You heard it here first.

The goalkeepers of Queens Park Rangers FC star in this new promo video (watch above), soundtracked by Johann Strauss II’s 'The Blue Danube' waltz.

Posted on QPR’s official Twitter account, the video is captioned: ‘The home of classical music. Whilst in Vienna, #QPR’s goalkeepers have been playing a symphony of their own…’

The video, in which all the goalies’ saves are synced up with the waltz, was filmed to mark QPR’s pre-season training in Vienna.

It already has over 70,000 views on Twitter, which means thousands of people around the world have just heard a wonderful Viennese waltz. We’ll drink to that!


And while we’re on the subject... any QPR fans remember this kit from 1993? (Seriously.)

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Any QPR fans remember this kit from 1993?

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