The RCO gives Dvorák's piano concerto a go

The RCO accompany pianist Pierre-Laurent Aimard in a live performance of Dvorak's only piano concerto

Composer: Dvorák 
Repertoire: Piano Concerto
Artists: Pierre-Laurent Aimard (piano), Concertgebouw/Harnoncourt
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Instrumental/Orchestral
Label: Teldec 8573 87630-2

Dvorák’s piano concerto has never been as well played and recorded as here, making this ‘live’ recording seem all the more remarkable. The Concertgebouw’s string and wind sections are as luxurious as ever, and Aimard plays the awkward solo part with unfailing accuracy and élan. Yet this masterwork ideally requires a greater sense of emotional intensity and involvement than it receives here.