Dvořák used as wrestler’s entrance music

24 July 2012, 14:02 | Updated: 24 July 2012, 14:33

The Royal Northern College of Music is to host a wrestling match, featuring one wrestler using Dvořák’s New World Symphony as his entrance music.

A string quartet playing an excerpt from Dvořák’s New World Symphony will be used as entrance music for an upcoming wrestling match to be staged at the Royal Northern College of Music. Wrestler Jack Gallagher has selected the classical work in an attempt to confuse his competitors, and it will be played live by a string quartet.

Commenting on the slightly bizarre intimidation tactic, Gallagher said: “I chose Dvořák as my entry music to mark myself out as a bit different… It surprises people when I come out.” But it’s not just when he’s in the ring that Gallagher likes listening to Dvořák – he also listens when he’s training.

The RNCM’s Concert Hall will host the event, which will also feature several students playing the college’s organ throughout the night and a live guitarist to welcome Gallagher’s American opponent into the ring.

Got any better suggestions? If you were a wrestler, what entrance music would you use to flummox the opposition? Let us know below.