Dvořák's Evergreen Classic

Dvořák's 'New World' symphony sounds as fresh as ever in the capable hands of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

Composer: Dvořák

Repertoire: Symphony No.9, Czech Suite, Two Slavonic Dances
Artists: Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra/José Serebrier
Rating: 3/5

Genre: Orchestral

Label: Challenge Classics CC72530

The Music: Dvořák’s much-loved, endlessly performed and recorded ‘New World’ Symphony has its evergreen status with good reason: in any but the rottenest performances, the music really does remain as fresh and poignant as if it was written yesterday. 

The Performance: However often the Bournemouth Symphony, like every other orchestra, must have played the ‘New World’, there’s no sense of routine in their response here: in the slow movement especially, their classy woodwind section delivers some beautifully poised moments. Serebrier’s conducting, however, while free from point-making for point-making’s sake, is on the earthbound side (the finale surely needs more pace and momentum than this). And while music of the Czech Suite, above all its fourth-movement Romanza, has real charm, it too could do with a springier approach. 

The Verdict: Entirely decent, unexaggerated performances in every case. Trouble is, the competition regarding the ‘New World’ Symphony is fearsome. 

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