A celebration of Mendelssohn, Dvorák, and friendship

Angelika Kirchschlager, Barbara Bonney and Malcolm Martineau come together for a spellbinding performance of Mendelssohn and Dvorák lieder

Composer: Mendelssohn and Dvorák
Repertoire: 'First Encounter' - Mendelssohn and Dvorák lieder
Artists: Angelika Kirchschlager, Barbara Bonney, Malcolm Martineau (piano)
Rating: 5/5
Genre: Vocal
Label: Sony Classical SK 93133

Why should two top singers with successful independent careers decide to team up for a collection of obscure lieder? Listen and it’s clear – they love these songs and delight in singing together, celebrating their friendship and shared interests. The result showcases their two voices beautifully, with light phrasing and sparkling rhythms; the Mendelssohn and Dvorák songs are particularly pleasing. The incomparable Malcolm Martineau is outstanding.