Julia Fischer - Bruch & Dvořák

4 March 2013, 16:44 | Updated: 14 March 2013, 15:54

The violinist dazzles in these interpretations of two Romantic showpiece concertos. Drive Featured Album, 4 March.

Whether she's bringing Dvořák's high notes to life with a shimmering vibrato, or caressing the tender melodies in the second movement, Fischer proves she's a worthy violinist to tackle his soaring Romantic concerto. The Tonhalle Orchestra of Zurich, too, make the most of Dvořák's masterful orchestral writing in partnership with the impressive solo tunes.

Bruch's ever-popular Violin Concerto is a perfect partner to Dvořák's on this album, making the most of the full range and power of the instrument. The achingly beautiful tune in the second movement is a particular highlight, but the joy of the piece is the sheer variety available in the course of just a few minutes. It's a musical roller-coaster, showing off the many facets of the violin as both a sweet melody maker and a vehicle for virtuosity.

Fans of Bruch's famous work will most certainly enjoy Fischer's dynamic recording, but even staunch violin-sceptics will find it difficult to dislike these two great Romantic concertos.