One of the world's greatest pianists came to Classic FM, so we made him play our silly, pink toy piano

23 April 2015, 16:17 | Updated: 17 June 2015, 11:34

He's one of the world's finest keyboard virtuosos - and he composes, paints, writes and is brilliant on Twitter - a true Renaissance man. But can Stephen Hough master our pink piano? We wanted to find out.

The pianist

He's one of this country's finest virtuosos, who's pretty much graced every great concert hall.

Stephen Hough

The piano

Sorry Stephen, we don't have a Steinway at Classic FM Towers. But fortunately we've arranged delivery of another instrument.


Stephen, your piano has arrived...

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A closer look at our gorgeous piano

Beautiful instrument, arty photo. We know.

The virtuoso takes his seat...

Behold its amazingness. We're sure this best-selling, Gramophone Award-winning pianist will make it sound incredible.

He pressed a button or two

And then Tchaikovsky resounded.


Stephen Hough discovers the 'Music Box' setting

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We got a bit of a back-story

OK, this was a bit surprising. It reminded him of his first piano.


Powerful stories about toy pianos...

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And then he hit us with a concerto

Stephen Hough thunders out the first subject of Grieg's piano concerto (sort of)


A great piano concerto...

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And more Grieg

This time one of his lyric pieces. The composer famously wrote his piano music on a small upright instrument, this is just silly, though.


Grieg: Lyric Piece Opus 57 number 6

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If you liked that Grieg...

Stephen has a stunning new release of the composer's exquisite Lyric Pieces on Hyperion Records. Played on a proper, beautiful sounding piano (you'll be delighted to hear)

Stephen Hough Grieg Lyric Pieces

It's OK Stephen, you can go now

But you're in good company - Lang Lang has also played this distinguished instrument.