Sir Mark Elder Interview

Conductor Sir Mark Elder is putting the cast of Adriana Lecouvreur through their paces this week, getting them in tip top shape for the opening night on Thursday this week. It's an opera he's been desperate to do for some time.

"This very opera, I saw many, many years ago in Naples. I’ve always wanted to do it and every few years I mention it to the management at Covent Garden. But you need to find the right person to lead the cast, and now it’s happening, so that's a dream come true."

The right person turned out to be Angela Gheorghiu, who shares the role with young Spanish soprano Ángeles Blancas Gulín.

"We found two people, the role is double cast.  Ángeles is really remarkable too but in a different way.  People who manage to see both sopranos are in for a real treat."

Listen to the full interview with Sir Mark Elder now.
Adriana Lecouvreur opens on the 18th of November and runs through until 4th December.