Riccardo Muti receives Italian arts awards

9 July 2013, 10:38

Chicago Symphony Orchestra conductor Riccardo Muti has been given two special arts awards in Italy, thanks to his charity work and his promotion of world peace.

The conductor, who has been conductor of the CSO since 2010, was awarded the Pico della Mirandola special prize and the Premio Giustiniano for Arts and Culture of the city of Ravenna.

The Pico della Mirandola was presented to Muti earlier this week to honour the concert he organised and conducted with his Luigi Cherubini Youth Orchestra and chorus in a benefit concert for the victims of the Emilia-Romagna earthquake last year.

For his work in promoting world peace through his 'Paths of Friendship' concerts, Muti will be given the Premio Giustiniano for Arts and Culture this Saturday, after he conducts a performance of Verdi's Nabucco at the Ravenna Festival.

Muti, 71, has conducted 'Paths of Friendship' concerts in war-affected areas including Sarajevo, Beirut, Damascus and Jerusalem.