Phamie Gow sets trend for Prince and Gaga

The piano Phamie Gow plays on her latest album, The Road of the Loving Heart, has caught the interest of Prince and Lady Gaga.

Gow normally uses Steinway pianos, but for this album she’s swapped her Steinway for a piano by contemporary French maker Gary Pons. The stunning translucent piano, reported to be worth £172,000, has also been used by Prince during his latest tour of France, and Lady Gaga's producer is showing keen interest.

Gow comments on the piano: "I usually perform on a Steinway but the Gary Pons is extraordinary, the sound is fabulous... it’s a real pleasure.”

Hear and see the Gary Pons piano in action in Phamie Gow's music video of the track Carousel below. The Road of the Loving Heart has been released on iTunes and the CD will be released in March.

Video by PR Photography.