Phamie Gow: "I'm so in love with the piano!"

5 July 2013, 20:51 | Updated: 9 July 2013, 10:06

Explaining the inspiration behind her latest album, Softly Spoken, Phamie Gow chats to Margherita Taylor.

Harpist, composer, conductor, and pianist: Phamie Gow is a multi-talented instrumentalist. Now, for her eighth album, Softly Spoken, she's coming back to the piano to revisit some of her older material, alongside four new compositions, written in New York. Chatting to Smooth Classics presenter Margherita Taylor, she explained the significance of the location, and just how she managed to find peace in such a busy city.

After performing with her band and touring for the past ten years, PHAMIE explained why the piano is so important to her: "I feel like the piano is like the orchestra; you've got the whole orchestra in your hands," she said. "I can hear all the different notes and different sounds in my head of the orchestra in the piano when I play, and it just felt natural for me to come back with the piano."

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